Day at the track

This weekend, I did something really interesting and something I frankly never knew existed.

My friend Alex, invited me to be her navigator for Lougborough Tarmac Lake Autosolo at the Donington Circuit. So what it basically was, was a circuit laid out with numbered cones and the driver and his or her navigator is supposed to be guiding them.

The day was basically laid out this way: There were four different circuits, where the two before the lunch break are exactly opposite to each other and then the circuit is re-arranged and the two following the lunch break are exactly opposite to each other. There were four groups based on different categories of riders – solo professionals, novices and two “navigator” categories. Every competitor was allowed to walk the circuit as many times as they wished and then given three runs on the circuit. You compete not only against your own time, but also against other competitors, with the target being trying to achieve the fastest time on your third run when you have had a proper feel of the circuit.

Despite the poor weather, the competition was still brilliant because the rain just added an extra dimension of difficulty and required lots more skill and concentration.

As I said, I had never heard about such competitions and I was glad at the end of the day to have woken up so early on a weekend because I had so much fun. I felt truly lucky and privileged to be there. It was an amazing experience. It was Alex’s first time as well and while she was nervous during her first run, actually, we both were, she steadily improved and was absolutely amazing by the end.

We were told by one of the other competitors that everyone would be really nice, and we were pleasantly surprised to learn that it wasn’t an exaggeration. Everyone was actually so nice. They helped Alex and her car – “Carey” with anything and everything from giving her advice on how to turn and how fast to go, to filling up “Carey’s tires” for Alex. No one there cared for what your name was, what colour you were or where you were from. All they wanted to know was if you had fun. Heart-warming stuff.

With regards to the course itself, the first two were certainly much easier than the last two but for a first timer, Alex coped with the challenges and learnt really well and peaked towards the end.

Here are some pictures

The awesome Alex Harper in “Carey” after the second test of the second run. She’s got mad skills!
View of the area


Organizers tent and start and finish lines
view of the circuit
The Fiat Cinquecento (Hawaii edition) or as I call it, Simon’s car from the Inbetweeners


PS: I do not have a drivers license but I know that when I get one, which will be soon, something like this is what I will definitely go for.

If you have had any similar experiences or know about anything like this in Malaysia, I would love to hear from you!

Keep having adventures of your own!

Till next time!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sadhana kakee (Kavisha' s mom) says:

    I can’t believe that you actually navigated some Alex. Weren’t you afraid ? Or were you so thrilled that you swallowed your fears ? Did you ask your mom about your dreams after getting your license ???


    1. kunaaldoshi says:

      I was really nervous at first, because I hadn’t done it before, but I got a lot better as the day wore on. The key is just communication and planning what to say and how to say it. Plus, I really did not want to let her down.
      hahaha, I haven’t asked her. But it is very very safe. If you get hurt, its because of your own carelessness and over-confidence.


  2. Sadhana kakee (Kavisha' s mom) says:

    You are really an unassuming person, Kunaal.


    1. kunaaldoshi says:

      Thank you Kakee. My family reminds me to always be humble.


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