Celebrating the “man” in our lives

For the most of us, our mother is the one we turn to when we are hurt, hungry or when we need to find something. It is only natural. Mother’s are celebrated and revered in all cultures, yet fathers are not given the same level of attention.

Why not? They are after all the most important “man” in our lives, the ones that provide food on the table for their family, even if it means they go hungry, they are the ones who make sure you dress well, even if it means they wear rags. The father is the one who works himself to the bone so that his family is happy and that his children get the best life possible. Yet, they are still not appreciated as much.

dec 2009 065
With my father

Sure, fathers are not able to love and care the ways mothers do, but they love and care just as deeply they just show it in different ways.

Anyone can be a father but not everyone can be a “Dad”. I was lucky enough to grow up with two “Dads” in my house. I grew up in a joint family and I consider my uncle as a father figure. Some people don’t even have one, but I have two and I think I am the luckiest child in the world. I was also lucky to have so many uncles and cousins who teach me so much about fatherhood and what a man should me. You are all my role models.

Palace on Wheels 2003 155
With my uncle

Wise as an owl
and nurturing like a tree.
You encouraged me to dream
and navigate the murky waters of reality
You never said no to whatever I wanted
instead teaching me to seek satisfaction in less
You held my hand as a child
but as an adult you still watch over me
You gave up your dreams
So that I could live mine.
You give so much, but ask for so little
You are my rock,
Calm when the Ocean is troubled
I am proud to be your son
and privileged to call you my father.

To all fathers out there, thank you for everything and know that even though your children don’t say it, you mean so much to them.



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  1. Sadhana kakee (Kavisha' s mom) says:

    Yes, father’s love is as unconditional as mother’s. As a child I always wondered the reason fathers can’t express their love like mothers do. Now, history repeats in my family too. I’m pretty sure that your mom has told you a million time that she loves but I’m not sure about your dad. I guess men generally follow their fathers just like women do. But, it’s time the culture changed. Today children do not only want to hear terms of endearment but they want to hear sentences and paragraphs of endearment. Cause, children today need security from parents more than anything else.


    1. kunaaldoshi says:

      You have expressed it really accurately kakee. Its absolutely right. I guess it bothered me a little when I was a child. Not so much anymore.


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