Action Sunday!

Sunday is usually the one day of the week where most people take a break and do nothing. Usually that’s me, I have spent Sundays defining laziness- sleeping, eating and watching TV shows or movies. I have been so lazy I haven’t even realized that the day has passed me by.  However, ever since I have come to the UK, I have been the complete opposite. I can’t sleep as much as I want to, not matter how tired I am. My body automatically wakes up at 10am and I need to be productive for a few hours for me to be able to get tired and go to sleep. Over here, Sunday is usually the day where I do some grocery shopping, read, work on assignments and do laundry, but last Sunday was different. My class and I had finished our last assignments of the year and I was in a good mood. I also got pretty decent but highly unexpected marks for an assignment and I decided to repay the world back for the good karma it gave me.

Thus, I decided to do something I always enjoy, Volunteering! I find it an amazing way to learn new things, gain new experiences and meet some pretty special people along the way. I find that the experience always teaches you the value of hard work, humility and to be satisfied with what you have. Since I have been here in the UK, I have not done any volunteering work, mainly because I was lazy and as postgraduate students, whatever time you get to rest, you take it. So, last Sunday I decided to volunteer with one of the on campus halls that I am affiliated with, the postgraduate hall, John Phillips. That Sunday, the university was organizing a community carnival for children and their families, complete with a petting zoo, food, bouncy castle, carnival games and a donkey ride attraction.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the event, because I was busy working! I was part of the donkey ride attraction and it was so much fun! Being able to play with the four donkeys who were named Woody, Hercules and Sally and one whose name I can’t remember was only one part of the fun.

The real joy was in interacting with the numerous little children that came to ride the donkeys, fitting them with helmets and seeing them all happy. Kids are cute when they want to be….I am not going to say I got all nostalgic and wish I was back to being a small child, it was just fulfilling to see kids smile and young parents enjoying themselves with their children, their innocence and capturing moments that would remain with them forever. We never expected to be so busy but I guess riding donkeys is a great attraction. So much so that I ended up meeting the mayor of Lougborough! To be fair, I did not know he was the mayor until he left, but it was still a good experience nonetheless.

After a few hours of that, I spent the next few hours at the Loughborough Athletics Championship which featured athletes of all levels competing at track and field events. There were some big names, who competed whilst I was volunteering but there were Olympians like Jess Ennis and world champions like Martyn Rooney. The level of competition was really high and as my first live Athletics event, it was great fun. The weather was perfect and the crowd was amazing! Here are some pictures:


Overall, an extremely fun day! I was slightly disappointed that there were not more people coming to support, after all Loughborough is a sports university, but I suppose it was because it was so close to the exams and because the university does not advertise events as well. Nevertheless, there were still alot of people (mostly family and friends of competitors) and they made a lot of noise, contributing to a good atmosphere.

Well, thats all from me!

Till next time!

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  1. Sadhana kakee (Kavisha' s mom) says:

    The fourth paragraph was a u- turn down memory lane. Kavisha and Laksheena were so adorably cute. But, they grew up so fast. I will always cherish those beautiful moments . I also remember seeing you for the first time. You looked like a mat saleh. When I saw you the second time you were wearing glasses. I still remember your late grandmother telling me about you and Sameer. How both of you would fight for the same toy ! So, she made sure that 2 toys of the same type should be bought at any time. This means that you have passed the childhood test with flying colors.


    1. kunaaldoshi says:

      Thank you aunty! I never knew that. It has allowed me to see a side of my grandmother I never knew.
      I think who we are is because of our family. I know that you are an awesome mom. The beautiful people that Kavisha and Laksheena are today is because of you and uncle.


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