Hiking Lake District

One of my hobbies is to go hiking. Not only do you get to meet some incredible people along the way, but its the fastest way to explore a new place. Fact is that we live such easy lives surrounded by technology. Compared to our ancestors, we do not connect with nature as often and I find hiking a great way to revive the bond between man and mother earth.

I have always enjoyed hiking, but never shared any of my experiences. After this trip, I felt I simply had to.

I am part of the hiking club here at Loughborough University and its basically just a group of enthusiasts who enjoy exploring different parts of the UK and connecting with nature at the same time.

Last weekend, a few of my friends and I joined the hiking club on their weekend trip to Lake district. The lake district region is located in the northwest of England and is home to numerous lakes, mountains and farmland. It is a popular holiday destination, especially in the summer, evidenced by the numerous inns and hotels that dot the countryside.

Spanning an area of 2,293 square kilometers its also home to the highest point in England at Scafell pike (978m) and Wastwater and Windmere constitute the deepest and longest water bodies in England.

After classes on Friday, around 25 of us gathered at the swimming pools of the university to embark on the 3 and a half hour journey to Lake district.

The hiking club did an amazing job of putting us up in bunkhouse style accommodation, where everyone contributed equally to ensure that the responsibility of cooking and subsequent cleaning was balanced with just relaxing and socializing.

We started our first hike on Saturday morning at around 9:30am. As we had a big group we split into two, taking different routes to meet at Scafell Pike, the highest point in the region.

Here are some pictures of our hike!

The start of our journey
Before we were separated 😦


Group Picture! (Photo by Charlotte Xia)


My hiking buddy (Photo by Charlotte Xia)
Lunch view
Lunch view (Photo by Aymeric Varcherand)
We needed to rest! (Photo by Charlotte Xia)


Selfie time! (Photo by Charlotte Xia)
Beautiful! (Photo by Aymeric Vacherand)
(Photo by Aymeric Vacherand)
International selfie!
If you fall, so do I (Photo by Charlotte Xia)
(Photo by Aymeric Vacherand)


Tired and exhausted we were, so we went to bed early. But we woke up bright, early and refreshed and ready to explore!

Here are pictures from our hike on Sunday!

Group picture before we left (Photo by Tabea and Johannes)
(Photo by Tabea and Johannes)
(Photo by Tabea and Johannes)
(Photo by Tabea and Johannes)
(Photo by Tabea and Johannes)
(Photo by Tabea and Johannes)
(Photo by Tabea and Johannes)
Group Picture! (Photo by Tabea and Johannes)
(Photo by Tabea and Johannes)
(Photo by Tabea and Johannes)
(Photo by Aymeric Vacherand)
(Photo by Aymeric Vacherand)
(Photo by Aymeric Vacherand)
(Photo by Aymeric Vacherand)


As you can see from the pictures, the scenery was amazing, truly breathtaking at times and it makes you love nature all the more. While it was cold at times, it was also really windy and at times the snow made it really difficult to traverse. So while these hikes had sections where they were incredibly difficult and you felt really tired, reaching a point where you can spot an amazing view acts as a balm, washing all the tiredness and pain away.

It also emphasizes how important it is to be aware of our actions and how they affect nature. Our environment is so fragile and we are destroying it so quickly, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to view this same place 50 years later, unspoiled and as beautiful as it has always been? I sure do.

When most people come to visit England, they go to big cities like London and Manchester or come to simply watch sporting events when the beauty of a country, not only England’s, lies in its nature.

Lake District is an area I definitely recommend visiting. Its so big and has so many different places to explore that you can easily go on exploring for a week and would not get bored.

Just a final word on my fellow hiking companions: some of them I had known only a little, and some I had been friends with for some time, but following the trip I got to know them all so much better and I am glad that we shared this journey together because you made it all the more enjoyable.

Till next time!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Just love the Lake District!


  2. Sadhana kakee (Kavisha' s mom) says:

    Gosh! Lake District is truly mind blowing. It looks exactly like the sceneries in Yeh Jeewani Hai Deevani shot in Gulmarg, North Kashmir. You definitely are an outdoor activities person who is so well connected to nature. Your smile in the photos proves that you have surely found your true love.


    1. kunaaldoshi says:

      Yes Indeed! Haven’t seen that but I will definitely try to! Yes, I do love hiking. It is a feeling you cant describe. True love is absolutely right!


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