This is a little overdue and well I was procrastinating so much that I forgot I even had a blog after a while…terrible 😦

Except for the last few months of the year, 2015 was one of the worst years in memory….lots of unpleasant events happened and well thats putting it nicely. I have a number of resolutions I have set for my self but I am not going to share all of them here, simply because some of them are too embarrassing


#1: Complete an interesting Masters Project
This was mainly inspired by the fact that I did not really enjoy the dissertation that I wrote at undergraduate level…It started out really interesting but I got bogged down trying to do so much and ended up getting confused and lost which was really disappointing and frustrating and what was supposed to be a fun journey ended up a burden.

#2: Read more books
Okay to be fair so far this has failed simply because I have discovered some really good tv shows the last few weeks and have watched them relentlessly…but I have loved books and they were my friends when I did not have any. I learnt everything I knew from books, each one took me on an adventure and I realized that in the last 2 years I have not been reading enough and that really has to change…I once had this idea that I would read every book known to man, since thats impossible I will settle for trying to read a new book every week.

#3: Go the gym regularly
This may seem very trivial but I have been so lazy the last few years that its really kind of bugging me now. Its not about getting huge muscles or anything like that. Its more about trying to get fit in the long run and build a person I can be proud of. In the short term its about being able to sleep better and getting hungry so I will have to eat more.

I am not going to pretend, I have rarely completed anything to my satisfaction and thats what I want to change this year. I want to grow and develop and become someone I can be proud of. 2016 is an important year, I fear that if I do not do this now ill never do it at all.


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