A New Chapter

Hey everyone, so I know its been a long time since I have posted anything…. Lots of stuff happened in my life recently and while there are some things I do not wish to share, at least not yet. I do want to share my experiences of this new journey that I have undertaken.

For those of you that didn’t know, I am currently in England pursuing my Masters degree in Sports and Exercise Psychology at Loughborough University. Deciding to do a Masters was not an easy decision, I thought long and hard and endured many sleepless nights but was lucky that I had the support and confidence of my family and the encouragement of my cousin in particular, without whom I would not have even dreamt of applying.

I chose Loughborough university because it was simply put, the best option. The university has invested greatly in the development of sports programs that are led by world class researchers/lecturers. Additionally, it could also offer me an amazing student experience, that I would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.  What drew me to Loughborough in particular was the fact that the university is located in a small town where there would be comparatively less distractions and even more of a community atmosphere which I felt, would suit me best.

So I have been here for a month already, which has whizzed by so quickly and I will try to illuminate the different aspects of my life here so far.

The University
Loughborough University’s campus is actually amazing. It has a lot of greenery and flowers of varying colours that really add beauty to the many concrete structures.  Loughborough Uni really ensures that students have all the tools to succeed as all classrooms are very modern, comfortable and filled with the latest technology. The facilities and resources dedicated to students, are really impressive, plus there are so many activities that take place on campus every week, that its impossible to get bored.

The program and my classmates
The program itself covers the important subject material needed to graduate with a fairly strongly knowledge base in sports psychology. The material is really interesting and its good to know that its all I expected it to be. My lecturers themselves are very knowledgeable and very friendly.
My classmates are a varied bunch from all corners of the world. They are interesting and smart people. While we took some time to warm up to each other, I think we are closer than we were before and I glad to know them.

Friends & Locals
Loughborough is reflective of how diverse the UK is in terms of the nationalities of the student population. I have already met people from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ecuador, India, Sweden, Belgium, Finland and the Czech Republic to name but a few nationalities (whew thats a lot!). I am also lucky that I can count all of these people as friends. They are some of the coolest and most interesting souls I have met, with incredibly warm and open personalities. Despite the short time together, we have formed a pretty strong bond already, which I am thankful for as it has prevented me from feeling homesick.
With regards to the locals, they are very friendly and warm. Compared to other parts of England their accent is not hard to understand, though some quirks include calling you “love” or “duck”. I do not know why and neither do the locals…oh well.

Taking advantage of good weather. Erasmus and International students at Queens Park [Photo courtesy of Andrea Perna]
Taking advantage of good weather. Erasmus and International students at Queens Park
[Photo courtesy of Andrea Perna]
With friends on a great night out at the Students Union. [Photo courtesy Victor Izquierdo]
With friends on a great night out at the Students Union.
[Photo courtesy Victor Izquierdo]
International & Erasmus gang spending Thursday night at the bar [Photo courtesy Joffrey de Port]
International & Erasmus gang spending Thursday night at the bar
[Photo courtesy Joffrey de Port]
My Flat and Flatmates
Living where I am right now is a double-edged sword. While my apartment is relatively far from the university and I pay waay more than most other people, its also at a very central location, close to the town centre and close to the supermarkets so its not too bad.
I live with two girls (lucky me!) both from the UK.  They are both clean and friendly which is the bare minimum you hope to expect from strangers, but they are also extremely warm, open and always up for a good conversation. Not to mention, they are extremely good cooks!

Outside view of my apartment.
Outside view of my apartment.


Located in the East Midlands region of England, it is a small town of about 60,000 people. Sandwiched between the cities of Leicester and Nottingham he town really developed only in the last 20 years or so and despite its relatively small size, it has everything you could ask for in terms of shopping, food and entertainment.

Loughborough Town
Loughborough Town
Saturday market.
Saturday market.

Market Street [Photo courtesy of Andrea Perna]
Market Street
[Photo courtesy of Andrea Perna]
The beautiful Queens Park (closest Park to my house)

Charnwood Museum @ Queens Park
Charnwood Museum @ Queens Park
Queens Park
Queens Park

Every day is an adventure here. I meet new people, discover new things and learn alot about myself.

As Bilbo once said to Frodo: “It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to…” This year, I am willing to go wherever this new journey will take me.

Till next time!

**I want to put up more pictures of the university, but I am waiting for permission. I hope to update this when I do.

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  1. Crennisall says:

    Kunz, the pictures, are they from Google or did you take them yourself?


    1. kunaaldoshi says:

      which pictures are you referring to?


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