BLOG POST4 everything happens for a reason

Reblogging the journey of an incredibly strong person with Cerebral Palsy.


Smts i wonder and ask my self why things happen they way they did . WHY  am  i having cerebral palsy and the problem associated with it,

life itself boils down to the  questioms of what why where how and the list goes on .    BUT I   gues s everything  happens  for a  reason.  The type of cerebral palsy that i am  currently experiencing is Cerebral Palsy Spastic quadripledgia.I T has affected my life  physically mentally  emotionally  from two sides,negatively and positively. From the negative side,  cerebral palsy has taken a toll on me because it has taken away  my ability to walk around independently and freely due to the oxygen deprivation.  on the positive side , I  am living live the fullest just like any other 29plus or 30 years old women  would despite overcmg the odds of life

Most important mildstone that cerebral palsy  given me the courage…

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