New Segment: Ordinary Heroes

So I just wanted to announce a new idea I had which is to write about every day people who, to me are important and worthy. There are no strict rules to this, meaning that every week I will be writing about one person, their life and their experiences and why I consider them heroes. No strict rules meaning they could be personal heroes of mine or they could also be societies heroes.

What is special about them you ask? What these people have in common is an incredible ability to help others, to make a difference, to stand up for what they believe in, to fight against the adversity they have encountered and to come back stronger.

I decided to write about everyday heroes because I realized that I know some pretty incredible people who have taught me a lot about life, adversity and hope. They are ordinary people, who have done extraordinary things. Their stories are worth sharing and I want to tell them to the world.

First one out sometime this week, watch this space!


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