End of the Journey

Finally. After three years of assignments, homework and research its done, its over…I’ve finally graduated. I don’t have to sit in a class, bored to death listening to the lecturer repeat everything on the slides, I don’t have to sit in broken seats or write on dirty, gum-filled tables. I no longer have to consider selling my kidney to pay for my fees nor do I have to tolerate the terrible lifts of Wisma HELP or complain about the lack of food options available for me. I could not be happier that I have graduated and am done. HELP is like a leech, they take your money, your time and your soul and they give you little in return, the facilities are terrible or non-existent, lecture halls look like death camps and something is always broken. And yet…the happiness that I had initially felt after completing my thesis is no longer there. It has been replaced by a void, a sort of empty blackness. A chapter of my life has been written and there is no editing it anymore…but despite everything, the other characters of my story are the reason I will miss HELP.

Began the journey with them (top) Sometime down the line (bottom)

My university may be dull and decaying but the people more than make up for it. I was incredibly lucky to meet some amazing people from all walks of life. They supported me, listened to my crap and helped me when I needed them most, be it rushing to finish my citations five minutes before the deadline to letting me borrow your assignment and even helping me understand my own thesis. I will miss the group assignments (some), hanging out at Mamak G, fooling around at DSA,  the dumb and incredibly shallow conversations we sometimes had to the incredibly deep ones that I barely understood to “studying” at the library, the numerous pictures ALL my friends had to take and finally I will miss the movies and karaoke sessions we used to have at Midvalley. 10525730_10152540624214344_5317144840778367953_n I  made some amazing friends with whom I share some great memories. Memories that I will never forget and always cherish. I am not sure why but everyone from the Psychology and Mass Comm departments has been open, warm and genuine and you will hardly meet a nicer group of people anywhere else in the world. When I first met you all, I was shy, introverted and socially awkward but you taught me how to talk to people, how to behave, we laughed together, you exposed me to so much and made me who I am.  I can never thank you enough. Below I have tried to list as many peoples names I can remember. You have all touched my uni life in some way or another and I am proud to call all of you my friends. Some of my best memories are with you all. This post is for you. Because without you it would not have been possible. 1011717_10151503971542467_247639549_n

526473_10151574495832467_460564802_n Through HELP I also managed to find out about one of the best things that has ever happened to me, Project Liber8. To think that this incredible experience all started from a desperate, wildly imaginative idea of turning a paper clip into an anti-human trafficking symbol is still unbelievable. What I learnt here has been invaluable, it has changed the way I look at the world and the way I go about my own life. The people I’ve met here are some of the warmest, nicest and most inspiring people I’ve met. No one like them.

Geng Busuk Project Liber8

Despite everything, HELP has given me a lot too, some amazing experiences such as captaining my department football and futsal teams, Bohemian Cafe, TheHELPsych Gazette and of course, Mount Kinabalu.

The start of a great journey! 3rd Place!
The start of a great journey! 3rd Place!
Great teammates, better friends
Great teammates, better friends
Underdogs prevailed! Team Psych FTW!

HELP has also given me some amazing lecturers who inspire and motivate me to do my best. Who take the extra step to get to know their students and those who do their best to help them through the difficult journey. To the admin staff, especially of the Psychology department, who never complained, always smiled and who always answered my questions no matter how stupid they were, without you, I would have been a headless chicken running around aimlessly.

HELP Psych Team to Mt. Kinabalu
HELP Psych Team to Mt. Kinabalu

The tutors of the Psychology department who sweat blood and tears for me, who stayed up late marking assignments and who went out of their way and against the rules to help me. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate you all. I know that I would not have passed my degree if not for you.

HELPsych Gazette Team
HELPsych Gazette Team

Of course, I feel proud to have finally completed something. Getting Upper second class honors wasn’t too bad either 😀 considering the amount of effort I put in. But it definitely wouldn’t have been possible without my classmates, who sacrificed so much to help me. Although, there was a point where I thought I would not get through and it was a dark, bleak time. I could see the light at the end of the cave but for a while, I just could not reach it. Bad does not do justice to how I felt. But I’m done and it feels great!

I don’t know when I will see you guys again, hopefully its soon but till then, take care and all the best in your endeavors.

*I would like to first dedicate this post to a wonderful person and a great friend, Kapil Raj. I know you have gone to a better place but we still miss you a lot. Together we trod the beaten path and though you may not have reached your destination, we would not have reached ours without you. I am glad to have been counted as one of your friends. 

Dedicated to: Jolene, Debra Marie, Kavin, Rakhi, Ashley S, August, Clarisa, Carol, Jia Yin, Patrick, Dao, Dhabitah, Letitia, Yu Tatt, Mimi, Gajen, Kavi, Tanita, Ivan, YK, Flame, Resh, Yugesh, Darshini, Eugene, Deborah Low, Ashley W, Jon Roberts, Ashley S, Arin, Huan Jie, Wai Keat, Izram Gates, Daniel Ng, Gabriel Lim, Qays, Amos Gan, Justin Lee, Johannan Sim, Peter Mark, Stephanie Lynn, Phei Wei, JT, Brian, Kishen, Ghai Yein, Dawin, Chia Ming, Kevin Y, Aaron Leong and Aaron Leong, Ray, Sabine, Wan Jia, Yi Ming, Hui Ting, Selvinder, Caren, Bianca, Neekita, Ivy, Vivent, Grace Chow, Grace Yee, Eve, Millie, Ross, Justin H, Shyvonne, Lu Yi, Yi Jern, Judy, Shyuan, Crystal L., Cynthia, Edward, Joshua B, Noah, Raymond L. Liyann, Judy, Nadia, Michelle Y and Alyssa

Seniors: Jacqueline, Selina, Shangarri, Douglas, Adele, Johnson, Nirosha, Narin, Bawanie Rachel, James T, Neville, Sidney, Kenneth T, Queenie, Tya, Rajvin Kaur, Samantha Ong and Damian

Football/Futsal Team: Nanda, Ian Mark, Arun, Tanuj, Fred, Roshaan, Bagas, Amin, Zhafir, Joshua, Justin Liew, Aizat, John, Pravin, Najih, Aaron E., Darryl, Chee Ken, Raymond, Azlan, Adam, YenZhong, Guo Yi, Armani, Qi Rui and Jameson

Psych Gazette: Hannah, Rupini, Rueben, Pooya, Valerie, Aaron San, Shiro, Victor, Fidelia, Giselle, Kenny, Leigh, Najla, Lavanial, Laura, Najla, Tutors: Adeline, Valerie, Jeremy, Oon Yow, Nelvin, Yan Shan, Kim Wooi, Selvan, Wai Meng, Melanie and Michelle

Admin: Ai Li, Anujah, Jing Guo, Ivy and Hannah

Mt Kinabalu Trip: Sathia, Adibah, Diana, JoeYee, LingWei, Wai Kit, Desmond and Xin Mei

Lecturers: Dr Anasu, Mr Alex, Ms Winnee, Mr Kenneth, Puan Fatimah, Ms JuLi, Ms Sybella, Prof Quek, Mr Eric Bryan, Mr Robin Tan, Mr. Kumar, Ms Ruth, Dr Chua, Ms Bawany, Ms Tess and Dr. Goh.

*if i have missed someone, I am so so sorry. Theres so many names I cant remember all so please tell me.

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    it’s been great to have you in Help Kunaal =)


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