Face Swap

Modern technology has progressed leaps and bounds since I was a kid. At ten, my favourite toys were a football and little plastic soldiers, now most kids I see are addicted to the Ipad or the TV and honestly, its worrying. But…I digress. This post is not about debating the good or bad of modern technology. It is simply to show that once in a while, modern technology can throw up something absolutely brilliant and yet incredibly hilarious. As a pretty professional procrastinator I  have spent countless hours on random websites and on 9gag, thus I have seen more than my fair share of face-swaps. Face swaps are exactly what they mean, adding a face to another persons body or even adding an animals face to a persons body or vice versa….Most of them make me chuckle, some even evoke a little laugh but recently I was lucky to be shown two face swaps that had me rolling on the floor in laughter…here take a look for yourself!


This first one was created by my friend Di Sern. The face that has been swapped here is of our friend, Shaun. Aside from the fact that now everyone looks like a Chinese Don…the most epic part of this picture is the caption: “We all put on a mask every day. A mask that hides our true self”. I honestly did not think it was possible to derive so much meaning from such a post, but Di Sern has managed it. Scarily, its actually quite true, most of us do put on a mask in public…today, many of us are forced to have different faces for our different selves- at home, in school, at work, we are different people. Sometimes we also try to become someone else…which is why everybody now wants to be Shaun….


This second one, created by the man whos face is now on all other faces, my friend Suley, is equally scary as it is funny. This picture was actually taken at Masjid Jamek LRT station with a random stranger…if you look closely the picture is of me and my friends! This was actually part of a mock amazing race we were testing with Project Liber8. When first showed this picture, I simply could not guess that my face had been swapped, it warranted a couple more looks to fully wrap my head around it. I simply never thought my face would ever be swapped like that. In all honesty we were all pretty beat at this point, except Suley (clearly) and we definitely did not smile this happily! In fact…Suley’s face swapped onto our body makes us look positively creepy! If I saw this weird version of me in a dark alley behind me, I would be running for my life!

If anyone has any other epic face-swaps do share them here!

Till next time.

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