So since the start of 2015, I have not been contributing to the economy. Despite desperately wanting to, I can’t seem to be able to find a job. To be fair, there are a lot of mitigating factors such as the fact that I really do not want to work in a conventional office setting. From past experience, working in an office just is not for me….first off, working in an office makes me feel like I am a corporate slave…akin to a hamster in a wheel running forever…but its also just quite claustrophobic and your indoors the whole day, also and perhaps most importantly, there is little difference in your every day schedule which is good in some ways but I just prefer being outdoors, interacting with people and having flexibility.

Also because my family was lucky enough to get a “Green Card” for the US, I have to go within the next few months and well who is going to hire someone who has to leave for an indefinite period, just after hiring them. So yeah I am kind of stuck right now because I had this grand plan that I would work for a year first and then go and do my Masters in the USA…I was halfway through applying to America when I had this “epiphany” – only know its well for a lack of a better word, a fail…


Naturally, I was depressed and extremely bored the first few weeks…because I kept sending out so many job applications and emails and stuff but got nowhere. I understand that companies have lots of emails everyday and well, its easy to miss or just not reply to one insignificant one, but I would really appreciate a reply, even if its to tell me that I didn’t get the job…oh well…

So for the last few weeks this is my daily schedule…
1) Wake up…sometime in the middle of the day
2) Lunch…sometimes I dont even bother to shower first because Im so hungry….
3) Then I do some stuff on the internet…like download stuff or send emails or look for part time work or go to my moms office and sit in for her…
4) Then I come back and usually nap for a bit…I dont know why but im usually exhausted and I end up sleeping for like an hour when I only wanted to sleep for like 20 minutes…(it pisses my parents off so much!)
5) Then I hit the gym or use the internet
6) Dinner
7) Waste more time online…
8) Football or Bed

So while this may seem fun for a while…its extermely boring. I mean I am supposed to study for my GRE exam but I am really not in the mood to, even though I invested a lot of money and time…I am not really sure why, i guess its just because I am really lazy as well as I dont really see it as worth the time…I should be putting in more effort and time into it, but for someone who has been wanting to write this blog post for the last few weeks you can see why I wouldnt really want to do math problems 2-hours a day.

Nevertheless, this kind of lifestyle was not really conducive for me…I know I like to call myself a “Hobbit” but really I couldn’t stand it anymore…maybe I’m a fail hobbit, I dont know…because in addition to going really bored, I was getting really depressed and lazy because I did not have a clear plan and was not even making any money but I just had to change things around for my own sanity!


So…I have not started Ukelele classes and its been really fun! I have always wanted to learn the ukelele and its been quite fun so far. I have never consistently played an instrument before so I really want to master this one.

I also started to learn how to cook now, I can make Pasta, Fried Rice, Tempeh, Beans and some Indian curry, still have a lot more to learn. Learning how to cook is really important and something I have wanted to do for a long time now, I think I can be really good at it.

I am also thinking of taking up some language classes and look for some part time work if I can find it…

Was also thinking of pursuing a masters degree in the UK since I was too late to apply for the US. Just starting applications now so wish me luck!

Things have kinda turned around or Its just me changing the way I look at things so I hope this is the start of good things!

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