The life of a Hobbit

I suppose some explanation is due as to why I call myself “Boy of the Shire”. I understand that it may seem pretentious and confusing…after all i am just an ordinary person from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the complete and utter opposite to sleepy and picturesque Matamata, New Zealand (the location of the Shire)

Having been to the Shire myself, I was completely entranced. I love the place, the weather and the village of Hobbiton. Having watched the Lord of the Rings so many times, I cant even count it on my fingers and having read all of the books, the hobbits are on my favourite creatures in all of the fantasy I have read.

Now, why hobbits over say Tolkiens mysterious and magical elves or even the brave and honorable dwarves or even the courageous and inspiring men of middle earth? Simply because there is no place like the Shire, and there is no creature like the hobbit.

A hobbits life is one of complete and utter relaxation, where having fun, a good meal and cup of ale (more on that later) is all one needs in life. Their lives were without worry, fear and anxiety. All the hobbits did was eat, farm and smoke pipe-weed, what a life…an untouched stain on middle earth….

Now, if it wasnt already made clear, I would rather leave everything I have right now, even if I got a BILLION dollars tomorrow, to live as a hobbit…they are just so carefree and happy…they rarely get into conflict, but once provoked are one of the most courageous and determined fighters….
Hobbits are also one of the friendliest people you would be fortunate to meet, you just know that if you knock on a hobbits door asking for a meal, you would leave so full, that you would not need a meal for two days!

July 2014
Thats me! Standing outside what I hope will someday, in my wildest dreams be my home

Though I think if i were a hobbit, I would prefer to be a Took or a Brandybuck…simply because adventure is in their blood and they would probably lead far more exciting lives…though having a home like the Baggins do would be pretty damn cool!

So thats all for now….i leave you with one my most favourite quotes by Pippin –  “short cuts make long delays”

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